Youth Attend National Prevention Network Training

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Hannah Thuringer, and Dayanna Medina-Ponce, Sophomores from Prairie High School; Kelly Haggerty and Ethan Floyd, Freshmen from Battle Ground High School; and Raime Sterling, and Riley Sweeny-Katkansky, 8th Graders from Tukes Valley Middle and CAM Academy attended the Youth Track of the National Prevention Network Training in Seattle, Washington. Chaperones for the youth were Kathy Deschner, Prevent Together Coalition Coordinator; and Curtis Miller, Executive Director, Battle Ground Mentor Collaborative.
CADCA’S National Youth Leadership Initiative (NYLI) taught these young people what it takes to make a positive difference in their communities, showing that they are leaders of today, not just tomorrow. That’s why CADCA designed the National Youth Leadership Initiative (NYLI), a training that equips youth and their adult advisors with the essential knowledge and skills needed to make significant community-level change. Using a youth-led, team-teaching approach, the NYLI builds capacity to foster youth leadership in design, implementation, and evaluation of action strategies addressing community problems through “Youth In Action” Projects. Seven evidence-based behavioral change strategies emphasizing environmental modifications are employed to effectively alter local conditions that contribute to substance use and its correlates.
In 2014, CADCA’s National Youth Leadership Initiative (NYLI) trained more than 1,700 teens and adult advisors from across the country and globe. The model uses a public health approach to prevention. It is built on the framework of science-based community problem-solving processes researched and documented by the World Health Organization Collaborating Centre Workgroup for Community Health and Development at the University of Kansas. The NYLI is embraced by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP), states and local communities. An independent evaluation conducted by Michigan State University found that participants trained by the NYLI experienced an increase in leadership competencies, community organizing, problem-solving abilities, current and future civic activism, and civic and political engagement. For more information about this impactful training, visit the CADCA website.

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