Rx Takeback Day

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The final counts are in for the RX Take Back Day… A total of 1,000 participants from Clark County, and 2,025 lbs of pills. That’s over a ton of pills!
In Battle Ground, over 122 cars came to the Battle Ground Police Department. The oldest prescription was from 1989!
Here’s why this matters: in his weekly address at the White House, President Obama stated, “More Americans now die every year from drug overdoses than they do in car crashes. And most of those deaths aren’t due to drugs like cocaine or heroin – but rather prescription drugs. In 2013 alone, overdoses from prescription pain medications killed more than 16,000 Americans. And most young people who begin misusing prescription drugs don’t buy them in some dark alley – they get them from the medicine cabinet.”
Locally, the 2014 Washington State Healthy Survey found that 6% of high school seniors admitted misusing prescription drugs. Most teens get prescription drugs from friends and relatives, sometimes without the person knowing. ​

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